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It therefore differentiates itself from existing treatises, that focus on the substance of international environmental law such as Birnie, Boyle and Redgwell, International Law and the Environment , OUP ; and Sands, Principles of International Environmental Law , CUP , by replying instead to basic questions as to the nature of international environmental law, its practical operation, its actual impact on State practice and its effectiveness.

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The Art and Craft of International Environmental Law

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    The Art and Craft of International Environmental Law

    Environmental Protection Pamela Hill. Who Rules the Earth? Nuclear Law Stephen Tromans. Property Rights and Sustainability Prue Taylor. Review quote Bodansky offers a sweeping review of the theory and practice of environmental protection at the global scale.

    The Art and Craft of International Environmental Law - ProQuest

    Simply written and yet deeply insightful, the book explains the forces, actors, and processes that determine how international environmental rules and norms emerge and whether they get implemented. Essential reading for legal scholars and practitioners alike.

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    5. This book does that and more. It helps the reader understand why international environmental law is needed, how it develops and is implemented, and whether it can be enforced to make a real difference.

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      Written in plain English by one of the world's leading experts in the field, this book should be read by anyone involved in environmental policy and negotiations--and anyone who wants to understand the means by which we will decide the fate of the planet. It was the perfect book for my advanced undergraduate course in international environmental law, and the students loved it.

      DeSombre, Wellesley College 'Art and Craft' is an invaluable resource for anyone trying to grasp how the environmental policy world works. From who the key actors are to what they do, how they do it, and what impact they have, Bodansky paints a comprehensive picture while giving a clear voice to key insights and nuances that will ring true for anyone who has made a career watching or working on these issues.

      Department of State and Instructor, Emory University Can international environmental law really deliver?

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      Professor Bodansky provides a crisp, clear and compelling narrative to address that most fundamental of questions, and does so with an elegance for which scholars, activists and policymakers should be very grateful. It can be read with profit by anyone interested in understanding this important and rapidly changing field. Book ratings by Goodreads.